Cruising Amsterdam
Cruising in Amsterdam

Cruising in Amsterdam

No matter how many times you have been in our capital, cruising in Amsterdam is a unique experience. Discover the special facades and the hidden life on the water. From the canals you can see the city from a whole new perspective.

Cruising in Amsterdam is the perfect outing for all occasions

No longer do you have to walk along with the crowds to see all the beauty the city has to offer. Board a boat with friends, family or colleagues and experience the city while you relax with a snack and a drink. Cruise through the city center and enjoy the old architecture that the city is known for. Cruise past Nemo, Artis and the Maritime Museum or go on an adventure to Amsterdam North and see more modern architectural styles. Stop at one of the many terraces that serve on the boat or open one of the many delivery apps and choose a restaurant on the route. Then tick “pick up” instead of “deliver” and you will have a delicious meal on board in no time.

Cruising in Amsterdam does not come without some small rules

Because the canals belong to everyone, the city of Amsterdam has some rules for when you want to get on the water. For example, boats without a permit are not allowed to carry more than 12 people on board and stricter checks are made for noice from the water. This does not have to spoil the fun. In fact, these rules ensure that everyone can enjoy the Amsterdam waterways for a long time.

cruising on the Amsterdam canals

Discover the city with the most beautiful sailing routes in Amsterdam

Cruise the world heritage site called the Amsterdam canals, here you will see old and new architecture come together in a magical way. Whichever route you choose, make sure you bring a guide who can tell you all about the city. Even if you have visited Amsterdam a hundred times, an experienced skipper can show you new and surprising sides of the city.

Warning! Do you want to sail a route that also crosses the IJ, the Kostverlorenvaart or the Nieuwe Herengracht? Then contact a experienced boat rental, it is not always allowed to cruise these routes

Below we would like to share our three favorite routes with you, Amsterdam still has many more beautiful cruising routes that you can view here.

The Architecture Route

Cruise past 23 modern architectural highlights on the Architecture Route. It may not be the Amsterdam you are thinking of, but that is precisely why this route is so surprising. Discover what makes Amsterdam North and the NDSM wharf so special and admire the special architecture along the IJ.

The Red Light district Route

The Red Light District and Amsterdam are inextricably linked, it is perhaps one of the most famous neighborhoods in the city. But this tourist attraction is more than just the Red Light District. During this route, discover the history of the city combined with where exactly the controversial image of this area comes from. The Oude Kerk, Hotel De L´Éurope and the Rembrandthuis are some of the sights you will encounter during this round trip in Amsterdam.

The plantation route

Take a green look at Amsterdam and go on a city safari past Artis, NEMO and the tropics museum. This route along the eastern part of the city shows you, in addition to the mentioned sights, a part of the city center and the Amstel.

Rent a boat in Amsterdam

To cruise these beautiful routes in Amsterdam you must of course have a boat. Fortunately, we can help you with this. Renting an open boat or saloon boat is easy at, all our boats come with an experienced skipper. Not only do they send you safely across the water, they also know the city inside out. Every street and canal has its own story and our skippers know how to tell it. This way you have a private captain and city guide in one! For a smaller group you can rent a open boat from € 150 per hour, a saloon boat is ideal for larger groups and can be rented from € 190 per hour.

A boat on the Amsterdam canals

Book an package with boat trips to cruise in Amsterdam

You can rent a boat from us, but you make a round trip in Amsterdam really special with one of our packages. From various dinner options to a cozy happy hour boat, we can arrange the best outing on the water for you. Whether it is for a friend and afternoon, bachelor party, company party or family day, we have the perfect package for you.

The BBQ Boat

Join us for the best BBQ in Amsterdam! We have a grill master on the boat who prepares the tastiest meat and / or vegetarian snacks for you and your company.

The happy hour boat

Something to celebrate? Then it is time for the typical Dutch happy hour! On the happy hour boat you can enjoy unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks. Order a round of snacks to top it all off.

High Tea Boat

Come on board and enjoy the tastiest savory and sweet treats. During our high tea on the water you cruise the best route and you have time to chat with friends, family or colleagues.

Magic Mike boat

This is a fantastic outing for bachelor parties, because there is a very special guest on board … It starts as a normal round trip through Amsterdam, but soon a stripper will raise the temperature of the outing. Will you all stay on board or will someone have to take a dip to cool down?

You can always supplement all these packages with a city walk, extensive dinner, oyster girls, sushi box or you can combine different packages. Contact us to discuss your wishes, we are happy to help you.