Whiskey tasting cruise Amsterdam

Whiskey tasting Amsterdam
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  • Cruise Amsterdam canals
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  • whiskey cruise Amsterdam
Sunset canals Amsterdam

This unique whiskey boat is perfect for a fun afternoon with friends, colleagues or family, but also as a bachelor party. With a delicious whiskey in your hand, you will sail past the most beautiful locations in the city center of Amsterdam


  • 4 glasses of single malt whiskey p.p
  • Private boat with skipper
  • Lowest price guarantee


  • From 10 people
  • 1.5 hour
  • €47,50 p.p. ( + Once 50 euro)
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Whiskey tasting on the Amsterdam canals

On this special cruise through the Amsterdam canals you will not only enjoy the beautiful canals and surroundings of Amsterdam, but also a delicious whiskey. The ultimate outing for a group of friends, your colleagues or a special bachelor party, in that case you can also ask for the exciting bachelor package.

In a 1.5 hour you will enjoy three different single malt whiskeys and at the end you can choose your favorite for round 2. On this boat you don’t have to think about anything, everything is taken care of by us. The on-board guidance will help you pour and ensure an unforgettable outing!

If you have any special requests, or you have other ideas to make this boat even more special, let us know. We are happy to help you make this the best outing for everyone.

Do you need any tips to drink your whiskey properly, or to enjoy it even more? Then read on and get the most out of your whiskey boat.

Included with the Whiskey boat Amsterdam

  • 4 glasses of whiskey single malt p.p
  • Skipper
  • Private boat
  • Accompanist

Whiskey boat Amsterdam extras

  • A unique city walk beforehand
  • A wonderful lunch package while sailing
  • An exciting bachelor package
  • 3 course dinner; finish the drinks boat in style with a delicious three-course dinner

How do you drink whiskey?

 Canals Amsterdam and whiskey

You will of course learn everything about drinking whiskey on this special cruise in the Amsterdam canals, but a little preparation can not hurt. So if you want to amaze everyone with your Whiskey skills, then read on.

Pour your whiskey

Take a small glass like a lowball glass. Grab a tulip glass to get the most out of the taste and smell of the Whiskey. Make sure you don’t grab any materials other than glass, because other materials don’t do justice to the taste.

Make sure you don’t pour too much right away. You can start with 1 finger (around 30 to 50 ml). You can always donate later, but of course you can’t.

First try pure

Try to drink your Whiskey pure before adding water or ice. This not only gives you a better picture of the aroma and smell, but you can also better decide whether you want to do something with it. If you like the taste of alcohol, you might just like it better.

Smell before you drink

Smell your whiskey 2 or 3 times before taking a sip. Keep your nose in the glass and take a deep breath. You may need to repeat this several times before you actually smell the aroma, as the alcohol smell may predominate the first time you breathe in. Then you may smell other properties such as herbs. Also keep your mouth open while smelling, to get even more of the fragrance.

Roll the whiskey in your mouth

Don’t just throw your whiskey back. Take small gulps and move it over your tongue. After you swallow, wait a while before taking another sip and take the time to appreciate the taste. This will make you taste more flavors such as caramel, toffee or vanilla.

Even now you can take a deep breath during the sip, to appreciate even more of the aromas. And don’t you like the whiskey after the first sip? No problem sometimes the first sip is a bit overwhelming because of the alcohol. So don’t give up.

Add some water

If after the first sips you think it is too strong, pour some clean fresh water and stir it quickly with a straw. This will make the alcohol less strong and the other more subtle flavors will emerge. Play around with this until you have found the perfect ratio.

Or an ice cube

If you like a cold whiskey, put a big ice cube in it. Even if there are people who get their nose at the idea of ​​a whiskey on the rocks, there is nothing wrong with adding a little ice. It’s your drink and you have to make it the way you like it.

take your time

Because the taste is an important reason to drink whiskey, you will be happy if you do not drink everything away too quickly. You enjoy more if you take the time with this drink. Give yourself about 30 to 60 minutes to finish your drink.

We try to make our whiskey boat arrangement as special as possible, but sometimes you just want something different. No problem, we are happy to think along with special requests. Let the boat appear and get on board with your guests for an arrangement that is completely tailored to your wishes.