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The Sushi boat Amsterdam cruises the canals, while you enjoy the best Japanese food. So it won’t just be a lot of fun, but very tasty too.


  • Delicious Sushi
  • Private boat with captain
  • Best price guaranteed


  • From a group of 10
  • 2 hours
  • €34,- per person
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Enjoy the most delicious sushi on the Amsterdam canals

Sushi used to be a unique and exclusive dish, but now a days everyone has tried this delicious food. We serve a variety of sushi on our boat. The publics favorite with rice, seaweed, fish and or crustacean. But also the western options with meat and sauces. Think about rolls with Ebi (shrimps), Ika (squid), Kani (crab), Maguro (tuna), Sake (salmon), Saba (mackerel) or Unagi (eel).

Come on board of our luxury boats and decide together with your captain which one of our beautiful routes you will enjoy Amsterdam. During this trip you will enjoy the best sushi on your own private floating restaurant, so if you are not a master in eating with sticks yet it is ok.

What includes the sushi boat?

When you book our sushi boat it always includes a private boat with a captain. You can book this cruise from a group of 10 people. The boa twill be your private restaurant for 2 hours on the water. Fortunately this doesn’t have to be expensive at all. You can book this cruise from 34 euros per person!

  • Sushi
  • Captain
  • Private boat

Impress your friends or family with these fun sushi facts

Fun sushi facts for on the boat

There are two types of sushi. The first one is Nigiri. With Nigiri the rice is prepared by hand into a dish. After this a thin raw piece of fish is put on the rice. It that easy, but it has become a real art form. The second one is Maki, with this type of sushi the rice, fish or vegetable gets rolled up in a piece of Nori (dried seaweed). The rolls are dividend in pieces of a few centimeters. Delicious!

Can you eat with sticks?

Can you eat with sticks? Did you know they are called Hashi in Japan and that they are made from bamboo. They are made to eat with one hand. This way of eating is an art, here are some tips to master this art.

  • Sometimes the sticks are stuck together, carefully take them form each other.
  • Put the first stick between your index finger and thumb.
  • Let the sticks rest on your ring finger.
  • Cling the second stick calmly on the tips of your index finger and thumb.
  • Attention: the first stick stays on his place, only the second one moves.
  • Now get the most delicious sushi you can find and enjoy!

Are you having problems? No worry! You can eat sushi with your hands as well, a lot easier. We serve a variety of sushi on our boat you can choose sushi with Ebi (shrimps), Ika (squid), Kani (crab), Maguro (tuna), Sake (salmon), Saba (mackerel) or Unagi (eel). You don’t have to remember them, you can see them all on the boat!