Bachelor party Amsterdam

Bachelor party Amsterdam

Do you want to arrange a unique bachelor party in Amsterdam? Then you’ve come to the right place! Organizing a bachelorette party is not easy, but with our unique outings you can be sure that it will be a day to remember. Step away from the standard recipe (read: clay genitals and a pub crawl) and step aboard for a smashing drink, steamy striptease or cozy BBQ.

Make one last toast to single life before one of your friends gets married with one of these cool getaways.

Bachelor party outings

View our range of bachelor party outings here, there is something for every bride and groom. If you really want to surprise the bride or groom, go for our exciting bachelor packages. For these outings, go to the Magic Mike boat and Hangover boat page!

BBQ boot goede formaat site
BBQ boat Amsterdam
BBQ dish (also vegetarian!)
Open bar and private boat
Private chef & skipper
Borrelboot proosten sloep (3)
Happy Hour boat
Unique drinking location
Beer, wine & soft drinks
Private boat with skipper
Drinken partyboot (1)
Party boat Amsterdam
Unique drink/party location
Unlimited beer, wine & soft drinks
Private boat with skipper
Drinken bierboot
Beer boat Amsterdam
Four cans of chilled beer p.p
Private boat with skipper
Unique drinks location
Plateau high tea (1)
Boat high tea Amsterdam
Extensive high tea
Private boat with skipper
Savory and sweet snacks
Cocktail cruise drinken (1)
Cocktail cruise Amsterdam
3 Cocktails p.p
Private boat + skipper
Cozy host
Gin & Tonic sloep
Gin Tonic boat Amsterdam
3 gin & tonic p.p
Private boat & skipper
Cozy host
Hangover boot juiste formaat (1)
Hangover boot Amsterdam
Bloody hot striptease act
Private boat with skipper
Unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks
Magic mike boot man (1)
Magic Mike Boat Amsterdam
Unique drinks location
Private boat with skipper
Unlimited beer, wine & soft drinks
Silent disco boot (1)
Silent Disco Boat Amsterdam
Swinging headsets
Unlimited wine, beer and soft drinks
Private boat with skipper
Meisjes met Smaak Oesterboot Amsterdam (1)
Oyster boat Amsterdam
Fresh oysters
“Oyster Girls”
Private boat with skipper
Prosecco cruise drinken (1)
Prosecco cruise Amsterdam
Private boat
1 Bottle prosecco p.p
Wijnproeverij boot Amsterdam
Wine tasting cruise Amsterdam
5 different wines
private boat with skipper
Professional attendant
Varend Muziekcafé Amsterdam
€On request
Cruising Music bar Amsterdam
Private boat with skipper
Beer, wine & soft drinks

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Why a bachelor party in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is the perfect place for a bachelor party. Not just because of the red light district and the unique night life. But also because of the culture all around the city. In Amsterdam you are assured that you organize a bachelor party that perfectly matches the interests of both the bride or groom-to-be, and all the friends and family that will join you.

Amsterdam has versatile outings to offer, especially when it comes to bachelor parties in Amsterdam. If your bachelor is not averse to a party, you can choose the party boat or the happy hour boat, for example. If your bride or groom is a bit more on the quiet side, the high tea boat might suit your bachelor party Amsterdam better. And how about a special city walk through Amsterdam?

For the wild bride or groom for whom it can’t be crazy enough, we also have Magic Mike boat! Don’t worry, we also have female strippers of course. Did you know that we can customize any bachelorette outing to your preference? Do you have special wishes for your bachelor party? Discuss this with us and we will arrange a bachelor party that the bride or groom will not soon forget!

12 Bachelorette party ideas

Amsterdam bachelor parties

Because every bachelor has his own hobbies and interests, there are countless options for bachelor parties. Take a look at our general packages page, something for everyone. You can turn any of our getaways into a smashing bachelorette party! The trips below are our personal favourites!

  • The Magic Mike Boat, surprise the bachelor (male or female!) with a steamy striptease on the water. The perfect surprise for a bachelorette party of course! Do you have a different arrangement in mind? The striptease can be added to every outing!
  • BBQ Boat, during this bachelor party, fun and grilling are paramount. Whether you want a meat or vegetarian BBQ, you will leave with a full stomach!
  • The Happy Hour boat, have a nice drink at a unique location before the bachelor party continues elsewhere while going out? Take the bachelor on board on the drinks boat! Enjoy unlimited beer, prosecco and soft drinks and get ready for the wildest night of your life.
  • The cocktail boat, a bachelor party is of course not complete without a nice drink. During this outing you will enjoy your favorite cocktails while cruising the Amsterdam canals!
  • Silent Disco, with this bachelor party you will get your feet off the floor! With headphones on you go completely crazy together without people on the quay hearing anything of your music.
  • Wine tasting, does the bride or groom like to drink wine? Then this floating wine tasting is the perfect time to toast the upcoming wedding. With a selection of five delicious (choice of European or Italian) wines you will experience a great day!
  • Smartlap boat, sail on the Amsterdam canals while you sing along loudly with one of the tearjerkers under the guidance of our accordionist.
Make the party personal

Bachelor party Amsterdam for men or women.

We have a lot of experience in organizing bachelor parties for men as well as bachelor parties for women. So we know that organizing a bachelor party entails a lot of pressure. Planning a date, setting the budget and of course making sure everyone, but especially the bachelor, is having a good time is a tough job. We would therefore like to help you organize a bachelor party. Take a look at our bachelor party organizing article.

Are you looking for fun bachelor party assignments? We have made an overview for you with the best bachelor party assignments for men and bachelor party assignments for women!

Do you have something completely different in mind, or do you want to combine an arrangement for your bachelor party in Amsterdam? Please contact us, we are happy to think along with you to organize the perfect bachelor party!

Sailing Amsterdam company

Mixed stag and hen parties

Nowadays it’s all possible and we no longer have to worry about ‘the men’s and women’s rules’. It is always possible that the bachelor has a mixed group of friends with both men and women, of course you want to include them all. Or is your friend going to marry a man? Then he wouldn’t get so excited about a female stripper. With us it is possible to look at different options and to combine different packages with each other.

A point of attention for a mixed bachelor party is that you have to take into account both men and women and adjust the activities accordingly. This is no problem for us! We offer an extensive range of various packages that are fun for men and women. For example, we have the party boat, a fun party for everyone!

This is how a bachelor party remains the best!

A bachelorette party is meant to give the future bride or groom a nice day. To keep the party as fun as possible, it is important to know the unwritten rules of a bachelor party. We have listed these unwritten rules of a bachelor party especially for you.

  • Make sure that drinking does not start too early, otherwise there will be little left of the activities. It’s a shame if you only have a hangover from the party.
  • Go big! It is important to show others that it is a bachelor party. It will give you all kinds of nice extras.
  • And then the most important unwritten rule: remember who the party is for! At a bachelor party it is important that the bachelor is the center of attention. So make sure that the activities are according to the wishes of the bachelor.
Company outing Amsterdam boat outings

Book your bachelor party Amsterdam now

At you can book the best bachelor parties in Amsterdam. Choose a package, choose a date and you’re ready to go. All you have to do yourself is round up the bachelor’s friends. With our packages it will be a bachelor party to remember.

Frequently asked questions company outing Amsterdam

You can make a bachelor party in Amsterdam as crazy as you want. But it is also certainly possible to experience a unique day in Amsterdam with a smaller budget.

We already offer bachelor parties for €35 per person with our drinks boat. But it is also possible to arrange a BBQ for €54.50 (+one-time €50). Or surprise your bachelorette party with a striptease for €44 per person.

On average, €80 per person is spent on a bachelor party in the Netherlands. It is of course up to your group how much you want to spend.

There are a ton of fun games you can play at a bachelorette party. But every group is different. You can go as crazy as you want, but it’s also an option to play some milder games if the bachelor doesn’t want to go too crazy.

To help you on your way, we have also written an article about a number of fun assignments that you can perform during a bachelor party for women or a bachelor party for men.

Amsterdam is of course known as a unique city with few taboos. Not surprising that it is a popular city to celebrate a bachelor party.

There are countless bars and clubs where you can all go wild together. But there is also a lot to experience in Amsterdam during the day. Finding a fun activity in Amsterdam will not be a problem. Only choosing the nicest can become a challenge.

But don’t worrie. Even if your bachelor is not a big party animal, you can get by in Amsterdam. Consider, for example, a high tea or a cruise.

Of course! A striptease is possible at various locations in Amsterdam. You can go to a striptease bar or a private striptease on a boat in the canals. A striptease is possible for both men and women. And is already possible from € 44 per person with unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks.

A bachelor party is of course the best when the weather is nice. But it is actually possible to celebrate a bachelor party in Amsterdam all year round. Keep in mind that some activities are more fun when the weather is nice outside. In winter you can choose to celebrate the bachelor party indoors.

During the holidays and public holidays it can get very busy in Amsterdam. So think carefully if you want this. It can be very nice, but it can also be a bit annoying.