Saloon boat



Titanic saloon boat on the water front

No worries, this Titanic is very safe! This authentic saloon boat has a rich history that goes all the way back to 1927. The boat can hold up to 109 … Read More

Ms. Agatha


Ms. Agatha Saloon boat on the amsterdam canals

The Saloon boat MS. Agatha is, with her length of 13,5 meters, one of the biggest boats in our fleet. Her history dates all the way back to 1910. Now … Read More



Saloon boat side with captain in Canals

The saloon boat Kaprifolia is a unique boat from the year 1936. This heated 8 persons boat is the ideal saloon boat for your friends and family to spend the … Read More

The love


Saloon boat the love

Saloon boat the love is a renovated boat with a romantic interior. It has every luxury to make your day the best day on water, with a toilet, heating and … Read More

Mona Lisa


Saloon boat Mona Lisa roof from the water in Amsterdam canals

Saloon boat Mona Lisa is a spacious furnished boat with a beautiful interior. Despide Mona Lisa was built in the year 1931 is the boat very comfortable with every convenience. … Read More

Old Queen


Saloon boat Old Queen Aemstelland

Saloon boat Old Queen is a very luxurious and comfortable saloon boat. It is one of the biggest saloon boats in Amsterdam and is therefore perfect for company outings or … Read More



Saloon boat Britannia in the amsterdam canals

Like the name would expect is the saloon boat Britannia an authentic English boat that was ones built by a English royal. Now the Britannia cruises the Amsterdam canals and … Read More

Terra Nova


Saloon boat Terra Nova in the Amsterdam canals

Terra Nova is a luxurious, comfortable saloon boat that was built in the year 1900. The saloon boat is named after the estate ‘Terra Nova’, where an Amsterdam merchant lived … Read More