Canal cruise Amsterdam

Canal Cruise Amsterdam


Join us on our beautiful boats during a luxury Canal cruise in Amsterdam.  We offer a unique and intimate way to experience the Dutch capital on a small and cozy boat. Grap a drink, sit back on your pillow and enjoy the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

Our luxurious Canal Cruises Amsterdam

We have three kind of canal tours, a luxurious Amsterdam canal cruises with all snacks and drinks included in the price, an evening cruise to experience Amsterdam in a new way and the luxury canal cruise with an open boat. Read more about the options below. 

Do you have a big group? Make your trip even more exclusive. Take a look at our private boat packages and deals, or rent a boat and explore the city on your own.

About our Canal tours

Our eco friendly electric boats will make sure it will be a quiet cruise, so you can just lay back and relax. But keep your eyes open! There is a lot to see and hear in this beautiful city. Make yourself comfortable with a drink and enjoy the day with your friends or family. Check out the video down below for an impression. 

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Local tour guide

While you sit and enjoy all the city has to offer, you will hear all about the history and current events from our local skippers. They will share the city’s secrets and tell where their favorite restaurants, bars and hidden gems are. If you have any questions, just let them know. Our skippers are happy to share their knowledge of the city!

Luxury open boats and salloon boats

Our cruises are on luxurious, small and cozy open boats and classical saloon boats. The comfortable seats and pillows will make sure you enjoy your trip! These trips are executed by our partner Flagship. So when you are at the dock look for the people in the orange shirts. 

Drinks and snacks

There are always a broad arrange of drinks and food available on board. Depending on the type of cruise food and drinks are included or separately available. You haven’t been in Amsterdam until you tried a bitterbal!

Departure locations

The canal cruises depart from different locations in te city, depending on the cruise you will be taking. You can find this information on the page of the canal cruise. Make sure you look for our partner Flagship at the docks. 

We can tell you all about what makes us great, but isn’t it better to hear it from people that have first-hand experience?

Highlights on the canal cruise Amsterdam

There is so much to see and do in Amsterdam! It might be hard to make a decision what you should do. That is also a reason why a boat tour is a great way to spend the day, you can see so much in a short time and you won’t even get tired. But what is there to see on our cruises? Here are some of the things you might see.

Red light district

Everyone knows the famous red light district in Amsterdam and that is for good reason. It truly is a unique and special place in the city. And the most safest place in whole Amsterdam. 

The red light district
Herengracht - Jordaan


This is the canal that goes straight through the city, which makes it very popular with tourist, from all over the world. It has spectaculair views of beautiful bridges and manors. Definitely a place to see, before you go home. 

Maritime museum

The Maritime museum has one of the worlds largest maritime collections with around the 400.000 objects. It is also a spectaculair building to see from the canals. You can learn here all about the Dutch Maritime history.

Maritime museum Amsterdam
Amstel skinny bridge

Skinny bridge

Skinny bridge or smalle brug like the Dutch call it, is one of the most beautiful bridge in Amsterdam. Just search for a large white bridge over the canals. At night it lits up with all the lights and it gives a very romantic view. No wonder so many people want to take a picture of this iconic bridge.

The golden bend

The golden bend is famous for its grand manor houses that were built in the Dutch Golden Age in the 17th century. Netherlands was doing really well around this time and Amsterdam was the centre of this success. These manors were built by the uber wealthy. These houses are very characteristic for Amsterdam.

Golden bend

Private boat rental

Are you looking to rent a boat in Amsterdam? Check our our options for private boat rentals. We also have amazing deals and packages.

Happy hour boat Amsterdam

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do you have any questions? Check out our FAQ or get in contact. We are here to help.

Tickets can be easily bought online, with (credit)card, Ideal or Sosoft.

Tickets for adults start from €18,- and tickets for children start from €10,- age 4-12.

Do you need help or you have any questions, just contact us.

Our guides speak English and Dutch during the Amsterdam Boat tour.

We start from 11 a.m. and the last canal cruise is at 9 p.m.

How often the boats departure depends on the type of cruise.

You can see in our agenda with available times in our booking system.

As we have so many departure times we handle a first-come, first-served policy. We recommend coming at least 15 minutes before the estimated departure time so you can choose your spots.

Luckily it rarely rains all day, so if it starts to rain during your Amsterdam boat trip, we take shelter under a bridge.

We also have umbrellas to protect us from rain while we search for a bridge. In wintertime, we have the boat covered with a roof.

It’s a transparent and clear roof that is specially designed for the ultimate view and sights. With dry weather, we can zip the sides open so we still have an open boat cruise.

Your Amsterdam boat trip starts in the Anne Frank House. From here we sail to the famous Jordaan, the impressive Golden Bend, the Jordaan, the famous canals of Amsterdam and much more. There is no set route, only fixed areas we pass through.

Make no mistake, Dutch weather can trick you because it can change in a split second. During the winter, we have a roof to protect us from the cold wind and rain.

Just remember it’s a little bit colder on the water than in the streets. We have blankets to keep you warm, but prepare yourself for Dutch weather: you just don’t know. Better safe than sorry, so bring an extra jacket in case you do find it colder than expected.

But don’t worry our summers can be very nice and warm to.

We don’t allow you to smoke on our boats because of safety reasons and so both smokers and non-smokers enjoy the tour.

But we can tell you good places to go after the tour to smoke nice and good stuff.

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