Pizza boat Amsterdam

Pizza boat Amsterdam

€49 p.p

Italian pizzas

Private boat with skipper

Unlimited beer, wine & soft drinks.

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All aboard the Pizza boat! When you sail with us, we will serve you delicious pizzas while you cruise through the Amsterdam canals.

Features off the Pizza boat Amsterdam


1.5 hour

Luxurios boat

Inclusive en optional



Enjoy authentic Italian pizzas while you take a tour of the Amsterdam canals

When you board the pizza boat, you will be greeted by your own private skipper who serves up some light snacks and drinks. While the skipper takes you along the most beautiful sights of Amsterdam, we ensure that the delicious pizzas are ready to eat. You can choose your pizzas in advance, and we will make sure to serve them in time so you can enjoy dinner with a view.

You can choose from different Italian pizzas such as: Margherita, Quattro Formaggi, Pepperoni, Funghi and Hawaii. Pick a favorite or pick a few different ones and try a new flavor. The beer, wine and soft drinks are also unlimited on the boat. Everything is taken care of so that you can make it a great day.

When you get on the pizza boat, you will be warmly welcomed by your own private skipper and you can already enjoy a snack and a drink. While the skipper takes you along the most beautiful sights of Amsterdam, we make sure that delicious pizzas are ready. You can choose your pizzas in advance. This way you can enjoy the tastiest food, with the best view.

The pizza boat is also suitable for the most diverse parties. Do you have special wishes, let us know, we will make sure it will be a day to remember. Contact us without obligation.

Pizza carving alternatives

Everyone loves pizza, but how do you cut that thing? Usually they are uneven pieces or all toppings have already shifted again. To make it all a bit easier, we have compiled a list of all alternatives to cutting pizza with a knife.

  • Cut, the first alternative is cut. This works quickly and easily. You do have to make sure that the scissors are clean, of course.
  • Folding, Of course you can also just fold the pizza. But this often works better if you’re not going to share the pizza with your friends.
  • Knife and fork, In addition to cutting, you can also choose to work with a knife and fork. Whether this is much better than cutting with a knife in advance remains to be seen.
  • Just start, this alternative is also good if you are alone. With this tactic you just sink your teeth into the pizza, as you would with a sandwich.
  • Special pizza cutter, This is often the best option. Special pizza cutter, This is often the best option. There are many variations on this.

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Frequently asked questions

Of course! You can also book our outings if you are with a smaller group. Please indicate it when booking. Please note that the price per person will be different.

We have a toilet available on several boats. Would you like a toilet on board the pizza boat? Then indicate this in your application.

Do you want to extend the party? You can also book this trip with champagne or cheese girls. You can extend each package for as long as you would like. For the exact costs you can contact us. – 020 261 9389

You can also enjoy the pizza boat all year round. The pizza boat Amsterdam is organized on a saloon boat. That means that you and your guests stay nice and warm in a luxurious and spacious saloon boat. Also in winter.

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