Koningsdag varen Amsterdam 2022

Rent a boat Amsterdam King’s Day

Kings Day is one of the most celebrated national holidays our country has. Known for the orange colored streets, outdoor parties with music from every corner of the street and of course lots of beer! All in honor of the birthday of our King Willem-Alexander.

On this day, we like to celebrate King’s Day 2024 in a big way. Every year, Amsterdam’s canals are filled with partying people on boats. Would you like to be one of them? You can! Have a great day on one of our boats in Amsterdam!

  • Beautiful boats
  • Unlimited drinks
  • Music installation
  • Extra long sailing

Boating in Amsterdam on King’s Day

On King’s Day there are fun events throughout the day in Amsterdam. From cozy stalls at free markets to street parties and other events like various festivals. Something for everyone! Yet boating in Amsterdam is by far the most popular activity. Hundreds of boats and sloops sail in the canals throughout the city. It’s one big orange party on Amsterdam’s canals that day that you definitely don’t want to miss.

Every year, thousands of people party on the canals in Amsterdam. You’ll find hundreds of boats decorated orange in the beautiful and unique canals, but what especially makes the atmosphere is the partying people. It’s a nice day to experience.

Be on time! Have you already experienced Kings Day on the water? Then you know you have to be there on time. You’re not the only one who wants to go boating on King’s Day. Therefore, every year all boats are rented in the city. So do you want to sail in Amsterdam on King’s Day? Book one of our boats now!


Renting a boat on King’s Day in Amsterdam

With a canal cruise you are provided with optimal conviviality, drinks and music through the city. You rent a boat for its maximum capacity. So you go for a boat of 20 people? Then you pay for 20 people, even if you come with 10. The capacity on the available boats varies between 12 and 80 people. Please note that you always pay for the maximum capacity of all the party boats.

Koningsdag 2024

Vanaf 30 personen



  • Luxe privéboot
  • Een unieke locatie tijdens het feest
  • Optioneel: onbeperkt bier, wijn en fris (+€50,- p.p.)
Koningsdag varen Amsterdam

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Details about the cruise

If you choose the morning shift, the price per person is €65. For the afternoon shift, the price is €75 per person. When renting the boat it is also possible to take a drink package. This gives you unlimited beer, soda and wine for the entire cruise. This costs €50,- per person extra. The prices include VAT. If you do not want a drink package, it is also possible to bring your own drinks.

During King’s Day in Amsterdam we have 2 shifts. The first shift is from 10:30 – 14:30 and the second shift is from 15:00 – 19:00.

The departure location is near the Central Station.

The sloop includes skipper and music system. So you can relax and enjoy the great party.

Boot tijdens Koningsdag Amsterdam 2024

Tijdens Koningsdag kun je bij ons terecht voor het huren van verschillende privéboten, zoals een sloep of een salonboot. Bekijk hier het hele aanbod van boten die je kunt huren.

BBQ boot Dutchman
proosten sloep 1
Lucky Stripper boot zijkant bootuitjes

Things to keep in mind

Before embarking on a boating trip through the Amsterdam, always check the weather forecast due to the unpredictable Dutch climate.

Our boats are steered by knowledgeable local skippers and equipped with music installations to enhance your experience.

For any inquiries or further information, please contact us. We aim to make your journey on the waterways of The Netherlands memorable.

Hoe onze uitjes zijn? Hoor het van een ander!

Frequently asked questions – FAQ

Kings Day is celebrated every year on April 27th in The Netherlands. King’s day Amsterdam 2024 falls on a Saturday. The festivities continue all day and most Dutch people are free on this day.

It is very busy on King’s Day in Amsterdam. Because many people are renting a boat in Amsterdam on this day. This makes it extra busy in the city center and on the canals. So keep this in mind. Book your boat on time. Also be on time to the embarkation point when you go boating.

During King’s day, there are a number of activities you can do in Amsterdam. Visit various free markets, enjoy on the terrace, go to one of the many festivals or, of course, rent a boat and sail on the Amsterdam canals! There is enough room on the boat for your entire family, group of friends, student association or colleagues. In other words, everywhere is a party!

Renting a boat during King’s Day in Amsterdam comes with a number of rules that you must abide by. For example, the boat or sloop may not be longer than 10 meters (in much of the city center). There is also a special sailing route. This differs from the usual sailing routes in Amsterdam alongside King’s Day. So you are not allowed to decide how and where to sail. The special sailing rules are there to keep water traffic flowing. Fortunately, there is a skipper on board to make sure these rules are followed. So you can spend the whole day slacking off or dancing to celebrate King’s Day.

Yes, you can. Don’t opt for a beverage package where you can enjoy unlimited cold drinks all day? Then you can also bring your own. You may also bring food on the boat.

You can make reservations starting now! Book soon, because every year the boats for Kings Day in Amsterdam are sold out several weeks in advance. Here goes: rather too early than too late.