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Challenges bachelor party man

Challenges bachelor party men

Every groom deserves a great bachelor party. Finally just the guys. And that means bachelor challenges to make the goom feel extra special that day. (challenges for woman are here)

Choosing a day activity is hard, especially because not everyone will know each other. Look at our other page for ideas and tips to plan a bachelor party. Make sure the challenges are all a lot of fun so everyone will laugh and have fun together.

In this artikel you can read some of our favorite challenges to make the day a day you won’t forget.

Bachelor on the wrong track

Keep the bachelor on his toes and give him the wrong idea

If you want to make sure your bachelor doesn’t know what is going on, ask him to bring stuff that have nothing to do with the day. Tell him that he needs his passport or bathing suit. And ask him a few times before if won’t forget. It is always a great way to confuse your bachelor and have a good laugh.

Mabay even ask him to go somewhere, just to find a piece of paper or something else that tells him to go back or some place else. It gives you some time to put everything in place without his intervening.

A good begin of the bachelor party

A good start

You don’t like doing things 50% and the pase can already be high from the start. Begin the bachelor party with a drinking game. Take the bachelor in the car and blindfold him and say that he has to concentrate on the ride.

When you arrive, he has to guess where he is, he has 3 tries. Everytime he guesses the wrong place he has to drink. But if he guesses right everyone else has to drink 3 shots.

What bachelor suite?

Up or down?

You can also play the costume game . This one needs some preparation. You need multiple costumes for this one. Think about a sexy dress, a onesie or a super bad costume. You need 5 of them and you number them from 1 to 5. 1 being the most normal and 5 the worst.

The group can think of questions beforehand. Every half hour of the bachelor party you ask him a question. He begins in costume 1, but everytime he gets a question wrong he has to put on the next number. But if he gets a question good he can put the last costume on.

That is something worth drinking

But you can also keep it more simple. Give the bachelor a white t-shirt and let him collect lipstick prints from woman. They have to be clear of course. For every kiss you have a beer.

Are you guys thirsty and the bachelor doesn’t have any prints, well then it becomes a shot

The Bachelor street artist

Fill the pot

The bachelor doesn’t have to pay of course, but he can chip in. Give him a basket or something to keep money in. And let him mime or sing a song or let him be a living statue, so he can earn his party.

As soon as someone gives him money he can quit, not before that. Now you know, bachelor parties can not only be fun but also provertable.

Nice melons or switch?

Is there a market nearby? There is surely a spot where you can place your bachelor and let him sell the fruit lika at the market. The most fun is when the bachelor has to prize the round objects, like melons. If he sells a few well how nice is that for the store or market stand? Some men are just born with their sales skills.

Now we know the mind is already a little bit less, with all that alcohol in your system but that doesn’t mean he can’t be challenged. You can also give him a small object and make him trade so he gets something better every time he trades (like beer).

If you don’t want this as an activity for the whole day, just say he can trade his objects max 5 times. And tell him he has to end with something he can use on his wedding night.

Forbidden or obligated game

Forbidden or obligated?

It is time for a drinking game, the forbidden word. For this challenge the bachelor gets a word he is not allowed to use. If he does use it he has to drink a glass.

You can also spin it around, he has to end every sentence with a particular word. If doesn’t he has to drink a glass. This will make some weird conversations. I mean it is kinda weird when someone asks: where is the toilet,  peanutbutter?

Creating a sollitt marriage

To make sure the bachelor is already used to the married life give him a list. Not a list with sugar and diapers of course. But one that will help him with a marriage. For every object he brings, he gets a shot or another reward:

  • A lighter to keep the fire in the relation
  • A little bit of pepper to spice up the relationship
  • A straw so there will always be more straws and never the last one
  • tissues to dry the partners tears
  • A phone number of a woman who will listen to his problems
Do we know each other game

Hé, that has been a while…

A marriage sometimes ask for a little improvisation. So this next challenge will be useful. Make the bachelor go talk to someone and make that person believe they know each other from years ago.

He can improvise whatever he wants, you can make it even harder by making him use a word in the conversation. If the person goes a long with the story you all deserve a nice shot. If he doesn’t the bachelor has to drink 2.

A bachelor only goes to sleep when….

Only when he isn’t thirsty of course. Make him enjoy his last night as single man and put his flirting skills to the test. Don’t let him stop until he has been offered a drink. You can also make him get something else.

A bachelor only goes to sleep

Who is the best man?

Make everyone get a candy necklace and the first man to have it empty is the official best man of the wedding.

Truth or dare!

And as last the classical game that will always give everyone a good laugh is the game truth or dare. The best result of course when everyone has already had some drinks. But hold on don’t just ask the bachelor everyone is a target. If you don’t want to answer the questions, you will have to take a shot. But real men can be honest with each other right?

Mabay a good idea is to prepare some questions beforehand, this will speed things up!