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12 Challenges bachelor party man

Every groom-to-be has the right to a fantastic bachelor’s party. Finally alone with the men among themselves. This of course includes bachelor party assignments for men. (Assignments for women can be found here).

Choosing a fun day activity is important, especially because sometimes not all participants know each other well. If you still need inspiration, take a look at our bachelor outings in Amsterdam, bachelor outings in Haarlem or organize a bachelor party in 10 steps. There can be a lot of laughs and the ice is immediately broken.

In addition, it is also very funny to come up with a number of assignments to help fraternization in the bachelor group. We have some tips that will give you an unforgettable bachelor party…

Vrijgezel op verkeerde spoor opdracht 1

1. Put the bachelor on the wrong track

If you want to catch the bachelor right away, first put him on the wrong track, literally and figuratively. You can achieve this by giving him a list in advance of the items he needs to take with him in his suitcase and telling him not to forget his passport. While you may not be staying overnight anywhere and certainly not leaving the country. This method is always fun when the bachelor thinks he has already unraveled everything. You can also let him take the train to a random place and surprise him when he arrives at the station by telling him that he has to catch a train in the completely opposite direction.

If you don’t want to start until the afternoon, the bachelor must have been busy in the morning. During this time you can make preparations for the upcoming assignments of the bachelor party!

Begin met een goede opdracht

2. A good start

Don’t you like half the work and can the pace be increased immediately? Then start the bachelor party with a drinking game. Take the bachelor blindfolded into the car and tell him to concentrate on the drive. When you arrive at your destination, he has three guesses as to where he is. Every time the city is guessed incorrectly, there is a shot for the groom-to-be. If he guesses the location correctly, it is your turn to take a shot.

Welk vrijgezellenpak hoger lager

3. Up or down?

You can also play the ‘costume game’. This does require some preparation beforehand. You need several outfits for this, for example five pieces. Think of a super ugly onesie, a fancy dress suit, or a spicy women’s dress! Give the most embarrassing outfit number five and work your way back to number one. Where number one is the most normal outfit. All participants may come up with a number of questions in advance. A question is asked every hour or half hour of the bachelor party. The bachelor may start in outfit number one, but for each incorrect answer, he moves to the next costume number. Number two, three and so on. If he gets another question right, he can go down another step.

4. It should be drunk

It can also be simpler. Give the bachelor a plain white T-shirt to wear and have him collect women’s lip prints on it. Of course, the prints must be clear, preferably with a bright lipstick. Of course, for every pair of lips that touch the shirt, there must be a toast. If you are thirsty and the bachelor has not yet scored any lip prints, he should drink a shot.

De vrijgezelle straatartiest

5. Fill the jar

Of course, the bachelor does not have to pay, but he can do his part. Give him a container or something else in which he can collect money. Give the bachelor a nice spot on a square or a busy street and let him sing a song there, be a mime artist or make him a living statue. As soon as someone has put money in his box, he can rejoin the group. So you see, bachelor party assignments can be hilarious, but they can also bring in some money!

6. Beautiful melons or exchange?

Is there a market nearby? You can probably find a fruit stall where the bachelor can shout his lungs out to promote the fruit. The best thing is to have the single man offer round objects. For example, if he praises the ‘melons’ and three are indeed sold for the market vendor, then his job is done. Some singles have trading in their blood. Now that blood will be somewhat diluted by the alcohol, but of course you can still test his skills. Give the bachelor an item of small value. He may then try to exchange the item throughout the bachelor’s day until you are satisfied with the end product. Do you want your bachelor’s day to not only consist of trading games? Say that the man can trade a maximum of five times and say that the end item should be something he can use on his wedding day. Sometimes the end result is astonishing.

Verboden woord spel 1

7. Forbidden or mandatory

It’s time for another drinking game, namely the forbidden word. For this assignment you give the bachelor a word that he is not allowed to use. If he does, he must have a drink. You can also reverse this command. Give the single man a word to say at the end of each sentence. If he does not do this, another drink will be ready for him. This can also lead to strange situations. It’s strange when the bachelor asks: ‘where’s the toilet, peanut butter?’

8. Creating a lasting marriage

To help the bachelor get used to his marital life, you can also give him a shopping list for the day. Of course he doesn’t have to get butter, sugar or diapers, but special attributes to keep the marriage going. Of course, he gets a shot or another reward for each attribute: A lighter or matches to keep the relationship fiery A little pepper to spice up the relationship if necessary A drop of water, so that the bucket can never overflow Tissues to dry his partner’s tears A phone number of a female person who wants to listen to his problems.

Verboden woord spel

9. Hey, it’s been a long time…

A marriage requires some improvisational talent. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to have the bachelor take the following test during the bachelor party for men. Have the bachelor approach a random bystander and convince that person that they know each other from before. He can improvise himself, but you can also make it a little more difficult by indicating that he must mention the word ‘gay bar’ in the conversation, for example. If the random bystander goes along with the story, then you have earned a nice shot. If the random person doesn’t believe the whole story, the bachelor has to drink two and they may be slightly less tasty.

10. A bachelor who only goes to sleep…

A bachelor only goes to sleep… when, in this case, he has already quenched his thirst. Let the bachelor enjoy the bachelor’s life for a while and put his flirting skills to the test. Send him to women in the pub and don’t let him come back until he’s had a drink. Of course you can also let the bachelor score other things with the ladies. That could be a kiss, but also an earring, a label on a piece of clothing or something else. Of course, the women have to give permission for this (we’ll just mention it).

Best man van de vrijgzel

11. Who is the ‘best man’?

Of all the bachelor party assignments for men, candy necklaces always do well. Take some of those necklaces with you and have all participants wear a necklace. The first person to have an empty necklace is the ‘best man’ of the bachelor’s day.

12. Are you a daredevil or a man of truth?

Finally, we have a real classic that never loses its hilarity, namely the game: ‘Truth or Dare’. To get the best reactions and answers, it is best to play this game when there is already quite a bit of alcohol in the man. Everyone sits in the circle and the bachelor gets the first choice: ‘dare or the truth’? If he chooses the truth, an intimate question must be answered or he may reveal a secret. If he chooses to dare, the rest of the group can come up with an assignment. After the bachelor is the next one and eventually everyone gets their turn. If someone does not want to complete the assignment or answer a question, they will of course have to take an extra shot. Make sure you choose the right assignments for a men’s bachelor party. Of course the single man should have the day of his life, but you can take him out of his comfort zone!

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