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Challenges woman bachelor party

Challenges bachelorette party women ideas

Good news, your best friend is getting married! No matter how much you look forward to your friends big day, is the bachelorette party as friend just as much fun. But to make it really special you can use one or more of these challenges. (challenges for man are here)

How do you organise a fun bachelorette party? Choosing the right games and challenges is very important, especially because not everyone knows each other.

Choose a challenge that the bride would like. Not every bride is the same. Is she a real party girl or not at all? We made a list of challenges for every kind of bride to be, so you can put them in the spotlight.

Drink to the groom

Drink to the groom

A bachelorette party always needs a little bit of alcohol. So a good way to break the ice for the bride is to play ‘drink to the groom’. Just hope that his name isn’t long.

The challenge works like this: for every letter of the grooms name has to be thought of the perfect drink. So, if his name is Jim it could be (Jenever, Irish Cream and a Malibu-Cola.

Lie or truth?

The bachelorette party is a chance to get to know the bachelorette but girlfriends as well. This game will show you a different side of everyone at the party. Everyone has to make up a possible lie and a truth.

This has to fit the theme of the bachelorette party of course. That means truths and ;lies about your one-night stand, secret turn ons and virginity. And everyone else has to guess which one is true and which one is false. The perfect way to get to know everyone.

Vlog every hour bachelor party woman

Vlog every hour

Wouldn’t it fun to have video’s of the unforgettable day? Make your bride to be make a vlog every hour at the party. This way you can make a video of the challenges and games at the end of the party. Not just fun for after but also during the party. Every embarrassing moment on tape.

Forbidden habit

Does your friend have an annoying habit or quality? This challenges gives you the opportunity to get rid off this.  For instance if she says something about the wedding or groom, she gets a punishment. This can be a shot or an embarrassing assignment.

This way everyone has fun the whole night. Does your friend do something annoying, this is the game to stop it and do something about it.

Play the bachelorette party swapping game

The swapping game

The swapping game is the perfect game for a bachelorette party. If your bride needs something for the wedding, she can get this through this game. For instance she has to start with an egg and she has to swap this with something better like a pen and the pen for a flower and so on. This way she might just end up with something special for the big day.

Spotting men

It is still possible, the ring isn’t on her finger and she hasn’t signed anything. A night of watching men and the bride is the grand jury. Make scoreboards and go sit down in the centre of the city. When a man walks by it is time to show your scores.

It is a tinhorn way of meat inspection, that is only ok on a bachelorette party. Enjoy your last moment as single lady.

Drinks on the bachelorette party

Fox hunt

When everyone is up for some dress up party, is a fox hunt the perfect game for a bachelorette party. How fun would it be to start the day like this? A fox hunt is a game that makes the bachelorette search for her dressed up friends in the city or town. But don’t go too far!

A fun addition to this game is when the bachelor finds her dressed up friends she gets a piece of clothing as well. So at the end of the hunt she will be is style.

Bachelorette bingo

What makes this bachelorette party the perfect day? What about getting a snack, a special drink or an activity. Make a bingo card with challenges that your bride to be has to do on her bachelorette party?

So when you don’t know what to do for a moment, you can just grab your bingo card and try crossing something of. When someone has a full card or a row, she will get a proper price. A drink of her choosing mabey. The bingo card could have small and big items on them, like flirting or a special dance. This way the card will be full in no time!

Selling carrots bachelor party

Selling carrots

This game shouldn’t be missing from any bachelorette party. Let your friend sell carrots in a bunny costume. This is the perfect way to embarrass your bride to be, but everyone knows that is what the bachelorette party is all about!

Quiz the Bride

This challenge needs some preparation, but it will be an absolute success. Make a quiz about the groom, what is his favorite movie/show, dinner or best friend. It is important to ask the answers to the groom, beforehand.

When you have your questions and answers, elected a gamemaster and the liquor is on the table it is time to begin. Every answer that is correct is a sip for the group, every awnster false is a sip for the bride.

Sexy cupcakes bachelor party


With this challenge it will be possible to make some money for the bachelorette party. Your bride and the group will be baking and selling cupcakes at the bachelorette party. But wait, these won’t be normal cupcakes of course with beautiful frosting. These will be, oh yes, in a little bit more suggestive shape.

Homemade twister

This game of twister will definitely be a success at a bachelorette party. more so with a few drinks. the standard version is already a fun game for the party, but you can make your own even better version without a lot of effort.

You have an old sheet at home? This will be perfect for your own twister game. instead off left hand red it will be left hand on ball or well whatever you want. For even more fun do it outside so people can see what your doing.

The bachelorette as sales woman

The market 

The challenges doný all have to be for just the group, give something back to society and make your friend help out at a market stand. Make her help customers and have the best time watching her.

The best option of course is to let her sell cucumbers, carrots and other long objects. Find a market man or woman that can see the fun of it and let her help out for 10 minutes.

The street musician

Is your best the next super star? Well it won’t really matter, because she has to do this challenges anyway. Nomatter if she is able to sing or entertain she will take a karaoke mic and a hat. And make her sing with everything she got.

She can only stop when other people give her some money, don’t forget to vlog.

Truth or dare

Truth or dare

Make the day exiting wit a game of truth or dare. Choose some questions and challenges beforehand, that the bride needs to do. Nomatter if it is an embarrassing dance or a nice drink. Make sure they are not easy.

Doesn’t the bride want to do the challenge it is time for the truth. These are the secrets you didn’t want to share.Make sure the questions are so unique the challenges seem the better options. Questions like: When did you lose your virginity? These questions are fun to answer by everyone of course.

The right kind of questions can make this bachelorette party a success. Make sure the questions reflect the bachelorette, to make the night the best it can be. Make sure they don’t feel too scared to answer the questions.