1. How long in advance can I reserve a boat trip?

It is desirable to book at least 3 weeks in advance. Of course you can also make a short-term reservation, but then it is possible that there is no place left on the desired date.

2. Can people with a physical disability or in a wheelchair also participate in a boat trip?

Yes, we strive to make all our outings as accessible as possible. Please indicate this with your quote request, so that we can advise you and provide 100% certainty.

3. Is it possible to join another group as a small group?

Yes, if you are traveling with a smaller group, we recommend checking out our canal cruise. You still have the luxury of a small open boat or saloon boat, here you can also have different choices in packages. You also learn everything about Amsterdam.

4. Can we put together an package of various parts ourselves?

No problem! We like to help you make a custom made trip for your group.

5. Are there fixed start and end times for your boat trips?

Renting a boat with or without a package can be adjusted to your schedule. There are no fixed start and end times here. Keep in mind that there is no cruising between 0:00 and 7:00, because of regulation. The canal tours do have fixed times, check the available times in our booking system.

6. Is it possible to add a dinner or lunch to our company outing or day trip?

Yes, this is possible! We are happy to help you adapt the boat trip to your wishes. We offer a diverse range of delicious lunches and dinners. Think of a BQQ, brunch, tapas, sushi and much more.

7. Can I also book a boat trip with fewer people than required?

If you really want to book the package with fewer people, you have to pay for the minimum number of people. If you want to cruise with a smaller group, you can also look at our luxury canal cruises.

8. If I request a quote, will I be immediately committed to it?

No, a quotation request is free of charge and without obligation.

9. Can the boat trips also be booked in winter?

Yes, the boats have a heater. The boat trips can therefore also be booked in winter.

10. Why book the trip at Bootuitjes?

Bootuitjes.nl specializes as an event agency in outings on the water. We use the best suppliers and use professional supervisors. We always want to give you the best possible day and we realize this looks different for every group. So, we are always happy to help you make a custom made trip for your specific group.