Amsterdam red light district route

The Amsterdam red light district: Something you won’t soon forget!

From all the routes to choose from is the red light district, one of the most unique. A mix of history and controversial activities, with a spectacular perspective from the water. The red light district in Amsterdam is unique. Not only in Holland but in the whole world. There are so many tourists from all over the world that come to Amsterdam every year, just to see this spot in the city.

This route won’t be boring for a second! From beginning to end is this route captivating.

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The route

There are a few options to begin the red light district route.

De Amsterdamse wallen route begint op het Rokin, om vervolgens But for this example we begin at the Ronkin. The Amsterdam red light district starts at the Ronkin, next you go the left near the L’Europe, in the direction of the district. The route cruises through the Oase of the Kloveniersburgwal near the Stopera and the statue of Spinoza. From here goes the route towards the Geldersekade and from there the party starts in the red district! You go around the corner and there you can see the real red light district. Everywhere is something to see! Then it quiets down and almost arrived at the langebrug that crosses the Rokin and then you arrive at the starting point.

NB! On the ‘oudezijdse Voorbrugwal’ there is a one way traffic direction. The best cruise route is from the Rokin clockwise.

We will show you some of the highlights of this route below.

Red light district

The world famous red light district

The Red Light District. The Red Light District. 1012. De Nieuwmarktbuurt. Oud Mokum. Everyone knows about these streets and what they are famous for.

There are only a few places where people get so interested and curious. With the mighty old churg in the centre is this a unique place to walk or cruise.

You might only expect only toerist in this neighborhood but also children and families walk here to get to work or school. But they only care about the free cycling roads and the number of suitcases in the streets. The red light district is in the centre of the old part of the city en dates back from the 13e century when fishers came back from a long voyage on the sea and the man where hungry for some female companion. The red light district is made out of a couple of blocks south of the old church.

The darker it gets the busier it gets and how clearer the red lights shine. The earia also has seksshops,

peepshows, a sex museum, cannabis museams and shops.

The old church

Oude Kerk

The old church is the oldest building in the city and is in the centre of the old city centre. The church shows art projects that matches the historical cultural value that the church has.

The church works together with multinal organisations in the arts. There is also a small garden where you can get a delicious cup of coffee with apple pie

to escape the craziness.

Hotel L'europe
Photo by redcharlie on Unsplash

Hotel De L’Europe

In the heart of Amsterdam, walking distance from the 19e century Museumplein with the world famous Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum, is De L’Europe synonymous with the rich history of the Dutch kingdom.

Since the official opening in 1896 is The L’Europe the favorite with the Amsterdam elite

and the hotel continues to attract famous people all over the world.

Rembrandt house

Rembrandt house

In the heart of the old jewish town, on the corner of the Waterlooplein is a majestic house where a lot of masterpieces were made.

Behind the red shutters and the green doors is the old home of the famous Rembrandt van Rijn, where he lived for almost 20 years. Hollands biggest painter from the 17th century. These days the house available for visitors:

a unique opportunity to see how this painter lived all those years ago.