Hangover boot Amsterdam

Hangover boot Amsterdam

€54 p.p

Bloody hot striptease act

Private boat with skipper

Unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks

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Looking for a bachelor party where you can throw all brakes loose? Looking for a bachelor party where you can do it all? Surprise the bachelor with a striptease on our Hangover boat Amsterdam for the ultimate bachelor party feeling! Looking for a male stripper? that is also possible.

Features off the Hangover boot Amsterdam


1.5 hour

Luxurios boat

Inclusive en optional



The Hangover boat Amsterdam: the hottest striptease for a bachelor party

You probably know the classic ‘the Hangover’. Four guests go to a bacheloret party in Las Vegas. It starts with a shot of Jägermeister after which all brakes are released …

The next morning they wake up in one big mess. The story begins with a tiger in the bathroom, an unknown baby in the closet, a missing canine tooth with one of the men and a missing groom. What on earth has happened and where is our bachelor Doug?

Now it is of course your turn to organize an unforgettable day for your bachelor! Board our Hangover boat Amsterdam and start your bachelor party with a shot of Jägermeister. Afther enjoy the open bar!

The bachelor may now think this is his outing, but then the ultimate Hangover surprise comes, a hot striptease from one of our gorgeous strippers that is what it is all about!

After enjoying the Jägermeister, the unlimited drinks and of course the striptease, it is now up to you to dive into the city and continue the Hangover adventure. Whether you end up with a lost tooth, an unknown baby or perhaps with a tattoo on your face? We leave that entirely to you!

Do you want to cruise a little further before you start making the city unsafe? Here are a few ideas to expand your outing:

  • Have a pubquiz on the boat! Divide the group into teams, the winner may hand out drinks to the losers. Ask questions yourself and put the bachelor in the center. Ask uncomfortable questions and questions about stories you have experienced with the bachelor. Does the bachelor have a question wrong? Drink! Does the bachelor have the answer right? Then it’s your turn!
  • Give the boat a theme! How about our Mexican boat, for example? Here you can enjoy delicious corona and snack Mexican delights!
  • Would you like to have dinner first? We have different dinner packages. For example the BBQ boat, where you can enjoy a complete BBQ!
  • Anything else in mind? Discuss your preference with us! We do everything we can to make your bachelor party unforgettable!

(Looking for a male stripper? of course you can.)

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Frequently asked questions

Of course! Keep in mind that the price per person changes.

We want to offer you the perfect getaway. That is why we like to look at the possibilities outside the package. If there are any particulars or if you want to extend the package, please contact us. We’d love to watch with you!

Many of our saloon boats have a toilet on board. Indicate that you would like to have a toilet on board during the hangover cruise Amsterdam.

Of course! Please indicate this in your reservation.

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