Vaarroutes Amsterdam

Cruising routes Amsterdam

On some routes we recommend specific trips. But of course you can also rent a boat or choose from our extensive list of packages. For smaller groups we recommend our luxury canal cruises.

The architecture route

Are you a fan of architecture, then you should definitely make this trip. During this cruising route you will encounter a lot of buildings that you have probably never seen from the mainland. We give you a completely different view of the city on this unique experience of Amsterdam’s architecture. The Canal Belt is one of the most famous structures in the capital, but certainly not the only highlight. Cruise with us on, among other things, the IJ and the Oostelijke Haven. Let your eyes be pampered as you sail past the 23 architectural gems. View the full route including a visual representation of the route here

*Let op; deze route gaat over het IJ. Vraag ons of de gehuurde boot geschikt is voor deze vaart.

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On this page you will find a list of the best sailing routes in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam waters are a unique piece of world heritage where old and new are beautifully combined. To give you an unforgettable day on the water, we have listed the best cruising routes in Amsterdam together with Waternet. Sail along the most beautiful routes of the IJ and the canals through the old town.

We beginnen met een korte introductie over de stad zelf nemen je vervolgens mee over de verschillende routes. Weet jij al welke route je gaat varen, klik dan hier om door te scrollen naar de routes.

Tip: save the page of the selected cruising routes on your phone and impress your party with your city knowledge.

Important: Are you considering sailing the IJ, the Kostverlorenvaart or the Nieuwe Herengracht? Always do this in consultation with us for your own safety; it is not always allowed to navigate these waters.

Bij sommige routes bevelen we specifieke uitjes aan. Maar je kan natuurlijk ook een sloep-salonboot huren of kiezen uit ons uitgebreide uitjes overzicht . Of ga op een grachtenrondvaart en laat ons je mee nemen over de grachten.

Architecture route Amsterdam

Amsterdam, a city with a rich history

Everyone is familiar with the waters in our capital. You are undoubtedly aware of its rich history, but what makes Amsterdam so special to view from the water?

The city has a rich trading history and has been granted its name and city rights since the 13th century. Amsterdam carries its current name since the 13th century, since then most changes have taken place. By the 17th century, the city “really” grew and the city had about 200,000 inhabitants.

The canals were constructed to cope with this growth. Which we still enjoy today. The canals have been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2010. This makes the ring of canals part of our cultural heritage. At the time of writing, the city had approximately 870,000 inhabitants.

A bit of history in a nutshell. When you cruise through the canals you can see and feel the beautiful coherence of old and new. Let your thoughts wander by our experienced skippers. They can not only sail well, but also tell beautifully about our favorite city.

The red light district route

Who doesn’t know the historic ‘Red Light District’? A place where everyone must have been. ‘De Wallen’ is the name for a street in the oldest part of the city. De Wallen is the name for a street in the oldest part of the city. However, the red light district only covers the eastern part of the ramparts.

Wallenroute Amsterdam 1

However, the red light district only covers the eastern part of the ramparts. So there is much more to see! What is definitely worth a visit is the Oude Kerk in the Red Light District. Are you a lover of history and do you want to marvel at the rich history of Amsterdam’s city center? Then we recommend that you take this route.

Important: cruise this route clockwise due to the one-way traffic on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal. No worries, our skippers know better than anyone how to cruise.

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The plantation route

A route through the greenest part of the city. A real city safari from the boat, where you have a perfect view of the green life of the city.

Plantation Route Amsterdam

In addition to the beautiful greenery, you will pass NEMO, the maritime museum and sail past Artis at the back. Look closely, who knows, you might see a zebra, giraffe or elephant!

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The Culinary route

Over the years, our capital has grown into one of the most cultural cities in the Western world. The culinary route takes you past our favorite spots for a delicious snack, a cooling drink, or a refreshing ice cream! * You sail along beautiful places where you can moor, stay seated and let yourself be pampered, because the service will bring your food on board.

Culinaire route Amsterdam

It is also possible to purchase a packed lunch halfway through the route. * For if you don’t want to miss anything.

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The Berlage route

Mr. H.P. Berlage was a skilled architect who designed many buildings. He designed the urban plan for this district and it is certainly a special route full of beautiful sightings!

During a visit to the US in 1911, Berlage was very impressed by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright. This is the main reason that Berlage designs always have some American influence, right up to Berlage’s latest design. So you not only see Berlage’s work, you also come across inspiration from the work of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Berlage route

In addition to Berlage’s designs, you also pass by the great bridge designs by Kramer and visual artworks by Krop. This cruising route will take you further along the most famous Berlage designs.

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Tot zover ons overzicht van de leukste vaarroutes van Amsterdam. Heb je een tip over andere leuke vaarroutes in Amsterdam, dan horen we deze graag van je!